Each Athletic Training Class is unique and specifically designed to increase power, agility and muscular endurance. The workouts are challenging, incorporating functional training principals along with good old fashioned fun! Whether you’re a competitive athlete or just like to workout this class will give you that competitive edge and keep you motivated.

Classes Include:

  • Sprint Training
  • Agility Drills
  • Strength Exercises
  • Plyometric Drills

  • Equipment Used:
  • Medicine Balls
  • Ladders / Cones
  • Resistance Bands
  • Tires / Ropes
  • Classes are geared not only to athletes, but to anyone looking to improve their level of physical fitness, as we encourage participants to work at their own pace.

    On hiatus for now. We will return later this year, stay tuned for updates.

    Rivier College
    420 S. Main St.
    Nashua, NH 03060

    Basketball Gym

  • Cost is $5.00 per person.


    Want to be notified of upcoming classes or have a question about the class? Send an email by:

    Rob Tanguay, CSCS
    With over 20 years experience, Rob has worked with both individuals and groups ranging from “fitness enthusiasts” to professional athletes.
    Rob has a degree in Exercise Physiology, is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and holds a Level 1 - USA Weightlifting Coach Certification.
  • CATZ Sports – Head Strength Coach
  • University of Tennessee - Asst. Strength Coach
  • Dartmouth College - Asst. Strength Coach

    Not necessarily a coach, but sometimes comes to class to help motivate participants.

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